Bar Stools And Toddler Safety

how to get step stools for toddlersMost parents would automatically balk at the thought of allowing their toddler access to a bar stool. These seats are notoriously dangerous and have a high incidence of falls. In addition, they offer an attractive climbing option for young kids that could easily result in the chair falling on top of them causing injuries.

However, modern advancements have seen the design of high stools that are toddler friendly. Although these new chairs are safer, there are still some safety precautions that parents should take when allowing their young children around these hazardous furniture items.

How to Protect Toddler Safe In Using Bar Stools?

1. Supervision

A toddler should always be supervised when sitting on a barstool. An adult should preferably be located right next to the child or at least within arm’s reach. Toddlers are extremely unstable (as are bar stools) and can either fall out of the chair or topple the stool in a matter of seconds. Do not leave siblings or other children in charge of supervising a toddler on a bar stool.

2. Back And Armrests

Bar stools that have backs and armrests provide better support and safety for children. It reduces the falling hazard to just the front of the stool. The child should be seated as far back on the stool as possible and preferably secured with a safety harness. The stool should be pushed as near as possible to the bar or countertop to provide a further obstacle to a fall.

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3. Climbing And Standing

NEVER allow a toddler to stand on a barstool. As mentioned above, kids at this age are unstable and are likely to have a fall from a height that could result in mild to severe injuries. Also, standing on the stool increases the risk of the chair toppling over. Do NOT let your toddler climb onto the bar stool themselves. They need to understand the dangers involved with climbing the stool. Climbing the chair increases the risk of it falling over on top of the child.

4. Safety Bar Or Counter Stools

It is highly recommended to invest in high-quality counter or bar stools that include certain safety features. Most stools that are suitable for toddlers to use will have an anti-topple feature. In other words, the stools are designed to be less likely to topple over. Keep in mind that they are only less likely to fall and that it is still important to employ the above safety precautions.

Stools with sides (armrests) and backs (backrests) are safer for younger and older children. For toddlers, the addition of a safety harness is preferable when using a bar stool. Some bar stools include a feature that allows the chair to be adjusted to the size of the child decreasing the risk of spills and toppling.

Toddlers and young children are incredibly prone to falls, bumps, and other ways of injuring themselves. It is absolutely critical for parents to take measures to decrease the risk of injury and implement safety precautions when allowing their child to use a bar or counter stool.