Boston University offers a rich array of computational science courses and programs which span a variety of disciplines. Learn more about curriculum opportunities here.

The ACES (Advanced Computation in Engineering and Science) Graduate Training Program at Boston University integrates multidisciplinary training in computational science with established doctoral programs. ACES trainees will earn a Certificate in Computational Science by completing additional requirements, gain access to state of the art supercomputing and visualization facilities and pursue opportunities for internships at government laboratories, industrial research centers of foreign supercomputer centers. (read more … )

Boston University offers an interdisciplinary course sequence in high performance computing for undergraduates, which gives them access to the most advanced supercomputers available at the University. The students work in a laboratory equipped with a network of multimedia graphics workstations linked to the University’s parallel and distributed supercomputers.

Our courses were among the first to integrate this technology into the undergraduate curriculum. They provide our students with a unique opportunity to develop expertise in leading edge technologies crucial to scientific progress and economic strength as we approach the 21st century.  (read more … )

At the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters and also generally during the Summer, we offer free Classroom Training to the BU community. (read more …)

One of the first programs of its kind, the Graduate Program in Bioinformatics offers unique interdisciplinary training in the science, engineering, medicine and ethics of twenty-first-century cell biology. (read more … )

A number of Computational Science courses are taught within individual departments at Boston University, including the Astronomy, Chemistry, Computer Science, Cognitive and Neural Systems, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics and Statistics, and Physics departments. (read more …)

The Center for Polymer Studies (CPS), a scientific visualization research center in the Physics Department and Science and Mathematics Education Center at Boston University. We are devoted to interdisciplinary research in aspects of polymer, random, and fractal systems and we utilize our expertise in this area to develop experimental and computational materials for high school and undergraduate education. (read more … )