Welcome to the Center for Computational Science


Boston University’s Center for Computational Science supports collaborations across many different departments and colleges.

When you work under the umbrella of the Center for Computational Science, you’ll be connected with scientists from different areas of one of the world’s cutting edge disciplines.

The BU Center for Computational Studies provides cross fertilization of new computational ideas and methodologies, and serves as a conduit for collaborations between experimental researchers who are synthesizing, characterizing and collecting real world data and computational research in model building, simulation and analysis. This synergy provides critical fundamental understanding from simulations that can guide new experiments and accelerate discovery.

For some applications, our Computational Science methodologies are now so accurate and reliable that they can be predictive, so computation becomes a tool for exploration of new materials, new therapies, new ways of fabricating nano scale devices, etc.  providing “in silico” screening for new science and technology development. In other critical areas, existing fundamental theories, and methodologies for their implementation, fall short and research on the development of new ways of doing the business of simulation and modeling are desperately needed to make progress in many major grand challenge initiatives.

Our mission is thus to highlight new research opportunities where Computational Science can make a fundamental difference to accelerate technological advancement and find extraordinarily talented and creative individuals who can help meet the challenge of integrating Computational Science with in the fabric of discovery and innovation.

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